The colours, the light, the sunsets, in one word: Italy. Stromboli’s deep blue, Sardinia’s turquoise waters, the inland’s lush greens, Puglia’s olive trees, Amalfi’s lemons, Sicily’s palms. An explosion of shades and memories, countless emotions that since childhood were the substance of dreams. We wanted to sew these on fabric, to convey the beauty and charm of some of our land’s most extraordinary places, to make them emerge, by letting you wear them.
We then had to find a style for our swimwear that was noble enough to carry these dreams. We found it in the 60s and 70s, the time of the Dolce Vita, when we reached the pinnacle of our ability to enjoy life, and started from the summer wardrobe of Luchino Visconti, a relative and one of the key figures of that era.


Classic cuts, almost austere, yet modern, ageless and Italian in their soul. Elegant in their simplicity. A product that will fit you as if it was tailor made, perfect garment for any summer activity, including an evening aperitif.
A collection that is built on attention to details, made possible only by a design, manufacturing and assembly process that is fully Italian, and that is accompanied by a unique packaging: a box that draws inspiration from an old Asian rice container, lined with materials that mirror the identity of the swimsuit.


Capri, Positano, Amalfi. Places with such magic and character that they are envied by the world, endless inspiration for cinema, writers and composers. But we looked beyond the postcard to discover the foundations of that beauty: old majolicas from churches, public squares and private homes. Rusty pieces, salted from the wind and sea, made from tradition, craftsmanship and a natural sense of beauty. We found our inspiration, we just had to match the lines to the colours that better embody each location to create the perfect pattern. Finally, we laser printed them on fabric: for each we chose from either microfiber, linen, cotton or corduroy, to make sure that each pattern feels as if it was meant to be.


We not only inspired ourselves from the style of the key figures of the Dolce Vita, we also share their attitude to life and transferred it on our garments: unpretentious yet distinctive, capturing attentions without trying to do so, at ease in any circumstance. From our versatile straw bag to the details seen on our garments, we looked to provide a differentiating touch without being invasive.


Peninsula Swimwear's roots are deeply anchored to the sea, notably to the Mediterranean, our “Mare Nostrum”, that surrounds and shapes the Italian peninsula. For this reason, we are deeply concerned about its preservation, and are committed to help protect its fauna and maintain it as pristine as possible. Accordingly, we support a number of initiatives, aiming to:
-        Protecting turtles and the deposition grounds on our coasts
-        Cleaning the sea and the coast from littering
-        Safeguarding whales and seals

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